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QR Codes Are the Missing Piece in Your Marketing Puzzle

As a small business owner, finding cost-effective ways to engage customers and generate leads is an ongoing mission. QR codes are an often-overlooked but powerful tool. Leverage them in your small business to increase customer engagement, gather valuable data, and boost sales. Keen to learn more? Keep reading because we’re stepping you through how you can leverage this game-changer for marketing. And then we’ll show you how to use QR codes on packaging and printed materials.

Marketing Your Business Using QR Codes 

Stop the guesswork and leverage QR codes in your marketing to build awareness, convert customers, and create life-long fans. Use QR codes to simplify your communication, maximise your engagement, and make the most out of your marketing efforts. 

With a simple scan, your community can access your content and quickly learn more about your business. Plus, using QR codes on printed materials can help you track customer engagement and gather data that can be used to improve your marketing efforts long-term.

Think of QR Codes as another medium to connect. The best bit? You can use them on packaging, business cards, thank you cards and even campaign collateral to direct customers to your website, social media pages, or other digital content. 

Unlocking The Potential Of QR Codes 

Give your printed collateral a boost with the addition of a customised QR code. It’s the print to digital connection you’ve been missing. Those little black and white squares invite swift action. 

There are endless opportunities to add clout to your collateral using QR codes including: 

  • Thank You Cards: add a QR code to share helpful information, ask for a review or follow you on social media.
  • Loyalty Cards: add a QR code to promote upcoming deals. 
  • Promotional Postcards: add a QR code linking to your promotion.
  • Business Cards: add a QR code to make instant contact on social media.

With a simple scan, customers can easily access information and connect with your brand online. This bridges the wide gap from brand awareness through printed collateral to action-taking online conversion. 

Customise Your QR Code Collateral 

Turn anything you print into a dynamic way to connect in minutes! 

  1. Create your unique QR Code and choose a digital destination: website, event page, social media – the options are endless! 
  2. Customise your design with our envelope-pushing QR Code Collateral. 

Create your own branded QR Code Stamp, Stickers or Apparel to use on the go. OR, add your QR Code to your customised collateral like thank-you cards, business cards or even apparel. 

Get creative because we design to suit YOUR brand, not the other way around. Select your colour, design, font, size and more.  

Make a strong statement and stand out from the competition with QR codes. Boost conversions, engage your customers, and get your brand noticed!

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