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Market your brand in stand-out style

Your marketing budget may be tiny but in 2023, it’s mighty. Marketing has come a long way in the last few years. Sure, you probably have to scrap the billboards and celebrity endorsements but with the rise of digital and small-batch print houses (like us!), you can achieve stand-out style for less. 

Purposeful Personalisation 

Make everyone feel like a VIP and elevate your vibe with purposeful personalisation. No, we’re not referring to email subject lines (although that’s a good start), we’re talking about old-school style. 

Write (yes, handwrite) thank you notes to send with every order. Send *actual* birthday cards to subscribers with a heartfelt message…and a discount code to shop up a storm of course! Make a point to follow up on returns and exchanges…even *gasp* pick up the phone and call them if you can bare it.

Not only will this build positive brand sentiment but the big businesses simply can’t compete with your bespoke communication flow because well, they’re just too big. Ha! 

Get Out Of The Box 

The beauty of running lean sans a leadership team, investors and a board means you can sidestep the red tape and do it your way. Push that envelope and beat that small business perks drum whenever you can. 

Take those shackles off your creative, copy, collateral and communication channels because it’s time to innovate. 

Got a minute? Comb through your offerings and rate them on their originality. Did you score mostly yawn-inducing or twerk-enhancing? ????

Website Creative 
Website Copy 
Product Photography 
Lifestyle Photography 
Welcome Email Flow 
Abandoned Cart Email Flow
Win-Back Email Flow 
Social Media 
Thank You Card 
Loyalty Program 

How did you rank? 

Mostly ????- you need a makeover, friend. Get the whole team on board (print house, designer, photographer, copywriter) and get busy! 

Mostly ????- time to tweak so you can twerk. 

Mostly ????- keep the good times coming. Lock down your specialists so you can turbocharge your good work. 

It goes without saying you can’t side-step your legal, financial and consumer obligations so you know, do that, but outside of those old chestnuts, you’re free to let loose. 

Image With The Integrity To Match 

So, you look the goods. You’ve attracted a decent fan base. You’re making sales. But without integrity, they won’t be coming back. Filters can only do so much. 

On the flip side, integrity without the right branding is meh. Loyalty is great but it doesn’t negate the need for attraction.

If there’s one universal truth of stand-out brands, it’s the need for simple branding solutions. We make it possible with short-run prints on creative merchandise. Check out our service menu and get ingked-spired.

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