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Design Guidelines

Below is a guide for file requirements, if you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]

design guidelines

File Format

AI, EPS or PDF are the preferred file format. PNG, JPG or TIFF images at 300 dpi.

We only accept AI, EPS or PDF for foil/chrome and white ink printing.


All Text should be Outlined or Embedded at a min 6pt size. For fine text, it is recommended a 0.25pt stroke on text for full CMYK or White print backgrounds.


2mm Bleed is recommended for full print designs.


Supply files to size. This is critical for rectangles, ovals and kiss cut, as not all sizes will resize in proportion.

We can scale your design up or down, but if the design does not fit your ordered size, an edit fee will apply.

If your order is not in proportion of the size ordered, we will scale the sticker to fit within the size ordered and no bigger than the width or height.


Additional charges may apply if files are not print ready. Setup charges may also apply, including white ink file setup ($10/file). Any charges will be advised upfront or prior to production.

White Ink Printing

White Ink printing, on clear vinyl or chrome films, is a specialty process and files need to be setup on our system. A set up fee of $10 applies. Files will need to be vector EPS, AI or PDF.

Foil and Chrome Printing

Foil Printing requires all foiled areas, such as text, logos or patterns, to be designed in WHITE.

Chrome background to be designed in WHITE.

All other design elements remain in their original colours.


Supplied files are assumed proofed with your designer, including designing your own files. Preprint Proofs are available to check cut position, available prior to adding to cart.

supplied artwork

We recommend vectored PDF, AI or EPS files, however we can still produce great stickers with high resolution PNG or JPEG files.

As you can see by the image to the left, an image including text will appear blurry compared to a crisp vector file, this is why we ask for the best, to supply the best.

We may need particular file formats for certain stickers, but we will advise you at the time.

Please note, if you convert an image with non-vector text and save as a PDF, it’s still an image, just in a different format. This step needs to be done at design.

Bleed is extending your design background beyond the trim position of you prints. If we set up our cutter with no bleed, you may end up with thin white edges, and no one wants that!

We will generally adjust the cut if there is no bleed but this option will not be possible if your text is too close to the cut position, bleed removes this risk.

We recommend a minimum 6 pt font size.

This can vary, and is dependent on the font used, the weight or thickness of the font, background colour and much more.

Reach out if you are unsure and we can offer support on the best outcome.

Resolution is used on images, so if you are supplying a PNG or JPEG, then a minimum 300 dpi is recommended at size of printing.

If you supply a 30mm circle at 300 dpi but want it enlarged, halving the resolution by enlarging the image, this will impact your print quality.

EPS, AI or Vector PDF generally can be scaled with no issue unless there is an attached image that is a TFF, JPEG or PNG.